MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D.

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January 16, 2014

MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D., assistant director, graduate admissions, Visalia Center, has published two articles and given two presentations.

“Toward Deeper Synthesis of Biblical Perspectives in Organizational Leadership: A Literature Review of JBPL,” appeared in the Journal of Biblical Perspectives of Leadership, Volume IV, No 4, and “‘This is How One Should Regard Us’: An Exegetical Study on Paul’s Treatise to the Corinthians Regarding His Relational Expectations with His Spiritual Children (1 Corinthians 4:1-21),” appeared in the Journal of Biblical Perspectives of Leadership, Volume V, No 1.

“An Exploration of Exegetical Training as a Strategy for Optimizing Corporate Discernment in the Vineyard Movement,” was presented at the Society of Vineyard Scholars conference in Anaheim, CA in April, 2013, as well as the Biblical Perspectives in Leadership round table at Regent University in May, 2013. The study juxtaposed the movement’s stated value for biblical hermeneutics with an exhaustive literature review of its publications, and then examined the multiple ways that exegesis was used in the early church as a means of building corporate discernment and guidance. Potential applications for broader implementation of exegetical training were also proposed.

“The Impact of Behavioral and Verbal Resonance upon Follower Identification and Engagement,” was presented at the International Leadership Association conference in Montreal, Canada in October 2013. The study examined how altering the verbiage of a local congregation’s mission statement to increase follower resonance directly impacted follower identification and engagement.


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