• 11/11/2007

    Pros and cons of school dress code

    This week Scholars Speak offers a two-for-one offer on school dress codes from faculty of the Fresno Pacific University School of Education.

  • 11/05/2007

    Proof of global warming as good as science can get--its time for action

    When it comes to global warning, most scientists say "yea" but a few stay with "nay." Is scientific unanimity possible? How much certainty is necessary to justify nonscientists taking action? These are the questions Michael Kunz, AIMS science professor at Fresno Pacific University, addresses this week in Scholars Speak.

  • 11/02/2007

    Pacific Magazine - Volume 20, Number 3

    Shaping the world through Christian education

  • 11/01/2007

    "Lessons and Carols" marks the beginning of Advent and Christmas

    Words and music come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus in "Lessons and Carols: A Prelude to the Advent Season," hosted by Fresno Pacific University.

    The service is a collection of music and Scripture readings. Performances are at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 18, at First Congregational Church, 2131 Van Ness Blvd.

  • 11/01/2007

    Nickel and Dimed comes to FPU--Fall play examines life for the working poor

    The life of the working poor comes to the stage at FPU presents "Nickel and Dimed" as its fall mainstage production.

    "Nickel and Dimed" will be at 8:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 8-10 and 15-17, in Ashley Auditorium on the FPU campus, 1717 S. Chestnut Ave., Fresno, south of the intersection of Chestnut and Butler. Tickets are $8 for general admission and $5 for students and senior citizens. For more, call the Arts Office at 559-453-2267.  

  • 11/01/2007

    Varvis moves to new enrollment position--Collier to direct community relations

    Stephen Varvis will become vice president for enrollment management. This new position will oversee recruitment and retention efforts for all students: traditional undergraduate, graduate, degree completion and professional development at the main campus in Fresno as well as the university centers in Bakersfield, Visalia and North Fresno.

  • 10/30/2007

    Armenia, Turkey, genocide and...Freud

    If Sigmund Freud had the countries of Turkey and the United States on adjoining couches, what would he say about Armenia, admitting past mistakes, tough love and healing? That's what Jay Pope, Fresno Pacific University psychology professor, analyzes—sort of—in this week's Scholars Speak.

  • 10/29/2007

    Influencing others makes a leader--Business Forum speaker explores real success

    No one can be a real success alone, John Maxwell told 1,600 businesspeople and professionals over quiche and coffee October 26 during the Fresno Pacific University 2007 Business Forum.

  • 10/23/2007

    The haunting of the Central Valley

    Television, movies, books, the Internet, newspapers and radio—each contains news, information and entertainment. Back when Lou Grant ran the newsroom, he made sure readers, listeners and viewers knew their real-life meat and vegetables from their fictional dessert. Today, has Fox Mulder taken over as editor?

    That's what W. Marshall Johnston, Fresno Pacific University history professor, wonders in this week's Scholars Speak. Looks to him like journalists have lost their skepticism of the paranormal and ESP and voices from beyond aren't just for Halloween anymore.

  • 10/15/2007

    Halloween misinformation abounds, confuses

    Halloween is coming. For some a time to dress up for a little good-natured extortion in quest of candy. For others a time to fight the forces of darkness. Some schools have Halloween parties, others have harvest festivals. But is Halloween, like a costumed kiddie, hiding something? And are the secrets of the night even what we think they are? Pamela Johnston, history and classics professor at Fresno Pacific University, looks at Halloween's backstory and comes up with some surprising answers in this week's spooky Scholars Speak.

  • 10/09/2007

    School counselors and accountability

    School counselors deal with students in a way no other educator does. In a job that's more than testing and filing results, counselors works with children and young people individually to see what makes them tick. At least, that's what school counselors do in a well-designed program that's supported by administrators.

    In this week's Scholars Speak, Diane Talbot talks about what school counselors have to give in this age of educational accountability. Talbot is director of the Pupil Personnel Services Division in the Fresno Pacific School of Education, former school counselor and past president of several professional organizations.

  • 10/08/2007

    Pierre Gilbert Writes on Spiritual Warfare

  • 10/02/2007

    MB Biblical Seminary offers seminars on church health

  • 10/01/2007

    Can Christians support Buddhist monks?

    Buddhist monks are dying in Burma fighting for freedom and democracy. Should Christians care? Do the two groups—whose theologies so differ—have any common ground? Can the faithful of two religions talk without compromising their beliefs?

    Tim Neufeld, contemporary Christian ministries professor at Fresno Pacific University, thinks so, and talks about it in this week's Scholars Speak.

  • 09/27/2007

    Building a Culture of Peace Week - 2007

    Who is My Neighbor? Monday October 1- Friday October 6,

  • 09/26/2007

    MB Biblical Seminary offers courses on terrorism and on community development

  • 09/24/2007

    Let us now praise great teachers

    People—in the Valley, in California, in the United States—are talking about education. Laws, learned reports and studies, studies and more studies by experts declaim opinions and declare solutions. But what of those who spend time with children? What of those who stand in the classroom, trying to put hands and feet on educational policies and the love of education into children's minds and hearts?

    You know: teachers?

    Linda Hoff, director of the teacher education in the School of Education, suggests we ask teachers about education, and show our appreciation for their success, in this week's Scholars Speak.

  • 09/20/2007

    FPU introduces online master's programs

    New online master's degrees take the quality of a Fresno Pacific University graduate education to more people and places.

  • 09/17/2007

    Why doesn't my child like to read?

    "Everyone agrees" is a rare phrase in the education debate, but when it comes to reading support does seem universal. Parents, teachers and experts of all stripes tout the benefits of reading and offer ways to encourage children.

    But what happens when children don't listen to the experts?

    Rene' Mendel Lebsock suggests ways to get—and keep—children reading this week in Scholars Speak.

  • 09/06/2007

    Pacific Artist Series brings a world of music

    Dances from Latin America and art songs from Germany are just two examples of the fine music included in the 2007-2008 Pacific Artist Series sponsored by Fresno Pacific University.