• 12/08/2008

    Ministry Quest and Canadian Conference Representatives Discuss Leadership Development

  • 11/26/2008

    Sunbirds Favored by NAIA to Repeat

    The national champion Fresno Pacific University Sunbirds are a strong bet to repeat at the NAIA Volleyball National Championship December 2-6 in Sioux City, Iowa.

    "FPU captured its third national title last season and is once again the favorite this season," according to the website of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). "The Sunbirds are perfect on the season with a 30-0 record and were ranked No. 1 in every Coaches' Top 25 Poll this season."  

  • 11/18/2008

    MB Biblical Seminary Completes Market Research Survey

  • 11/17/2008

    Raise gasoline taxes--really!

    Ken Martens Friesen, history and political science professor at Fresno Pacific University, is very brave or a little crazy (maybe both?): he wants to increase taxes on gasoline. In this week's Scholars Speak he lays out exactly why the U.S. should do this during an economic recession whose only good news so far has been falling gas prices.

  • 11/13/2008

    Winter Message from MB Biblical Seminary Acting President, Lynn Jost

  • 11/11/2008

    FPU announces budget plan

    Since fall 2008 enrollment was lower than expected, Fresno Pacific University has put into effect a plan to ensure a balanced budget.

  • 11/06/2008

    In praise of the Fresno public high schools

    Big public high schools bad. Small private high schools good. Right? Surely small schools, with their focus on individual attention and lack of big school problems--drugs, gangs, kids trying to learn the English language--will produce better students through the prism of the moment: higher test scores. Not necessarily, according to Fran Martens Friesen, English faculty at Fresno Pacific University. In this week's Scholars Speak she gives big public schools the credit she says is overdue.

  • 11/02/2008

    Pacific Magazine - Volume 21, Number 3

     A new season to reflect on the Idea

  • 10/30/2008

    Noel Coward comedy comes to FPU

    Comedy as only Noel Coward can do it is coming to Fresno Pacific University.

    "Hay Fever" will be performed Thursday-Saturday November 13-15 and 20-22. Performances begin at 8:00 p.m. in Ashley Auditorium on campus at 1717 S. Chestnut Ave., south of the Butler intersection.

    Tickets are available at the door or by reservation at 559-453-2267. Admission is $10 for general audiences and $7 for students and senior citizens.

  • 10/27/2008

    Defending science from science's defenders

    With friends like these, who needs enemies? Some advocates for a cause, a discipline or a viewpoint are so zealous they do more harm, twisting their stated viewpoint into absurdity. The more powerful the ideas they deal with, the more damage they do their own cause. Science is such a powerful endeavor and Ron Pratt, mathematics professor at Fresno Pacific University, looks at some of its offensive defenders this week in Scholars Speak.

  • 10/22/2008

    Morris distills ancient wisdom for modern consumption--Business Forum attracts about 1,000

    Tom Morris brought friends with him to Fresno Pacific University's 2008 Business Forum October 22: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Zeno, a high school buddy and a kid who loves baseball.

  • 10/20/2008

    Building connections with kids

    Kids--what's the matter with these kids today? Yesterday they were children, always ready to be played with, read to and tucked in. Then they were preteens, and happy to have us at their concerts, little league games and science fairs. Now they're teenagers and seem to have moved to another world: Planet No Adults Welcome. Wha' Hoppen? David M. Weber, faculty in the Fresno Pacific University School of Education, has the answer, as well as a plan for keeping or getting back good communication between you and the child in your life. Give it a look this week in Scholars Speak.

  • 10/15/2008

    Love and power

    Love and power--can these two major human drives go together, in this political season, or at any other time? Duane Ruth-Heffelbower, Fresno Pacific University business faculty and member of the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, says yes and explains how in this week's Scholars Speak.

  • 10/06/2008

    Reading is more than just pedaling a bicycle

    The Reading Wars, who wins? All phonics vs. No phonics. While adherent advocates fight it out in schools and legislatures around the country, what do kids learn? Rene Mendel Lebsock, a reading specialist on the faculty at Fresno Pacific University, says its time to blur the battle lines and teach meaning as well as making sounds. Learn about her peace plan this week in Scholars Speak.

  • 10/02/2008

    Art set for major impact at FPU

    After years in the minors, art is becoming a major player at FPU.

    This fall the university upgraded its art minor to a full major, with concentrations in art administration, graphic arts and studio arts. Faculty members are Rebecca McMillen and Chris Janzen.

  • 10/01/2008

    Economy affects enrollment at FPU

    More working adults are completing their bachelor's degrees at FPU, according to fall 2008 enrollment figures. Graduate attendance also remains strong, but a soft economy has had its effect on the number of traditional undergraduate students.

    A total of 2,377 students began classes this fall, the same number as fall 2007. The shift came in the kind of students. The 16-day census saw 733 in bachelor's degree completion programs, up from 652 at the same time in 2007. Graduate students were up three to 784, while 860 traditional undergraduates begin classes, compared to 944 at the same time in 2007.  

  • 10/01/2008

    Defending whose Judeo-Christian values?

    Judeo-Christian values have been expressed as written laws for thousands of years. The empires of Rome and Great Britain, as well as the United States of America have seen themselves as carrying forward these laws as a moral and legal code, affecting life in the public square as well as inside the church. But is a code of behavior all, or even most, of what higher law is? Not to Quentin Kinnision, professor of contemporary Christian ministries at Fresno Pacific University, who makes his point in this week's Scholars Speak.

  • 09/24/2008

    Do grades really matter?

    Grades--parents and schools offer cash, prizes and threats to encourage or scare students into achievement. Children are trained early that As guarantee a successful life. School systems are judged successes or failures based on test scores. But are good grades really the holy grail of education? In this week's Scholars Speak Scott Key, education professor at Fresno Pacific University, points out that some famous names never appeared on an honor roll, and that the emphasis we put on grades determines the kind of citizens we get.

  • 09/19/2008

    Tim Geddert Publishes Book on Ethics

  • 09/16/2008

    RELOAD offers keys to new generation of leadership

    Pastors, youth workers--anyone interested building a new generation of church leaders in today's multicultural society--is invited to RELOAD Fresno October 11 at Fresno Pacific University.