Students score at ADDY Awards

Art students, alumni and an instructor from Fresno Pacific University won awards at the 2015 American Advertising Award (ADDY) ceremony.

The awards, presented by the Fresno Advertising Federation on March 19, hold real significance for the seven winners. “The awards give confirmation to students that their work is of high quality. The awards also help students build their professional portfolios,” said Rebecca McMillen, Ph.D. candidate, art program director.

Josiah Muster, who took home gold and silver awards, gets validation from winning a competition in the wider community. “To be able to compare your work to other folks across California, and to actually win a trophy, is incredible. It feels like your first real step in the world of graphic design,” he said.

This real-world experience prepares students and promotes the art department, which has grown to about 40 students since 2007. “It helps promote the graphic design emphasis of the art department as a field that has potential opportunities for students in the local community,” McMillen said. “It also confirms that FPU has a need for a graphic design program, and that we have talented students creating skillful work.”


Josh Haag

  • Gold, Single Poster, “The Study of Change”
  • Silver, Packaging, “Blood Raven”
  • Silver, Single Illustration, “Ride the Stars”

Gabriel Rios

  • Gold, Packaging, “Pacos Tacos”
  • Silver, Publication Design Cover, “Analog Science Fiction and Fact”

Angela Mannino (BA ’14)

  • Silver, Single Poster, “No More Mr. Nice Spy”
  • Silver, Logo, “Kriegbaum Hall 2014”
  • Silver, Single Illustration, “It’s Outta Here!”

Elia Rocha (BA ’15)

  • Silver, Single Poster, “AHS”

Laura Tekunoff

  • Gold, Poster Campaign, “Mad Men”
  • Gold, Publication Design Cover, “Vogue”
  • Silver, Single Illustration, “FPU Tennis”

Josiah Muster (BA ’15)

  • Gold, Illustration Campaign, “The New Downtown”
  • Silver, Poster Campaign, “Star Wars Beasties”

Samuel Tekunoff (instructor)

  • Gold, Websites Consumer Products, “Oro Agri”
  • Gold, Mobile Websites Services, “Ready2Hire”
  • Gold, Collateral Poster, “The End & Beginning”