Fresno Pacific University affirms support for DACA students

Fresno Pacific University considers its commitment to DACA students a part of its calling to serve the Central Valley.

For nearly 20 years, FPU has offered a financial aid program to help a select number of high-achieving undocumented students earn the education that enhances their ability to serve their communities, professions and the United States. Today known as the Samaritan Scholarship, it is funded entirely by private donations and institutional funds, such as academic and performance awards in athletics and the arts as well as campus employment. They may also use Cal Grants to attend FPU, as allowed by California law.

“These students have come to FPU with dreams of positively contributing to our community and country. For over 20 years they have proven their value to the region and these United States. We will continue to support their success as a Christian university within the purview of the laws of this country including FERPA legislation, which insures students’ privacy,” said Joseph Jones, Ph.D., FPU president.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations