Plans going forward for a hybrid return to work at all FPU campuses

Plans are to start bringing more employees back to campuses over the next few months. Because of vaccines and health trends over the last six weeks, the administration is more upbeat than ever about coming back in a hybrid format. Employees will continue to work primarily remotely through April 17 with the earliest possible return to campus being Monday, April 19, 2021. Everyone will receive further communication in advance about start dates and specific details. Meanwhile, directors have been asked to create their team’s hybrid return plan and submit it to their vice president and then to human resources by Monday, March 15. Director will work with their staffs to develop a plan that will meet the needs for business continuity while employees begin to return to campuses as well as identify possible case by case accommodations regarding health, childcare, etc.

Hybrid work schedules will begin only after a county is in the RED tier according to current public health guidelines. This means some employees may be able to return before others. The goal is to be able to return to establish solid routines to better support students’ in-person experience this fall.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations