Students seeking the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of today’s diverse and fast-changing media professions can benefit from a new academic emphasis offered for all 2019 by Fresno Pacific University.

The integrated media emphasis in the communications department provides a holistic, 21st century approach to media studies. Media careers today require the integration of many arts and the practice of many skills, including production, photography, computer skills, graphic design, public relations, professional networking, administration and writing. Relevant career fields include media production, marketing, public relations, multimedia journalism, graphic design, web development, publishing, social media management, strategic communication, nonprofit development and church media.

The emphasis also helps students become culturally aware, socially engaged problem solvers who:

  • Think critically about contemporary media issues and technologies
  • Use digital media expertly and effectively
  • Learn qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Cultivate global, cultural and ethical awareness in communication strategies

These goals are achieved through instruction in multiple disciplines by talented faculty and hands-on experiences—such as internships, practicums, study abroad and service learning—all rooted in a comprehensive Christian liberal arts program where students develop personally and spiritually in a supportive, mentoring environment.

Off-campus study options include film production in Los Angeles, and strategic communication in Washington, D.C. Closer to home are opportunities with Fresno’s Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC), student media, theater, literary publishing and local schools and non-profits. For those interested in broader study, the integrated media emphasis coordinates with minors in art (graphic arts & creative innovation), theater, business administration, software engineering, English and contemporary Christian ministries.

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Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations