Congressman Costa touts participatory democracy to FPU students

Congressman Jim Costa (D-16th District) packed a lot into a morning visit to Fresno Pacific University April 2, 2018. He met with students in the DACA program, spoke to two political science classes and had lunch with President Joseph Jones, Ph.D. Part of the Kearney Park native’s wide-ranging message to members of the Nature, Law and Policy and American Politics and Society classes (pictured), centered around the importance of the art of true political compromise, which Costa called a “lost art” in today’s Washington. The seven-term Representative said compromise is part of the foundation of participatory democracy, but the present “hyper-partisan” atmosphere “scares the Dickens out of me,” Costa said. “The new normal is not normal.” Still, there is always hope. “You are part of the solution,” he told the students.




Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations