Faculty-student partnership makes publication

A faculty member and a student joined forces for an article and illustration in the March 2018 edition of The Mennonite, the magazine of Mennonite Church USA. In response to a call for contributions on “Spiritual Resilience,” Melanie A. Howard, Ph.D., assistant professor of biblical and theological studies, wrote an essay exploring how Paul’s spiritual resilience in Acts 16:6-10 inspired her during a difficult period in her faith journey. Gordon Houser, editor of The Mennonite, asked about an illustration to accompany the article, and Howard contacted Rebekah Geiger, a sophomore graphic arts major from Pasadena. Geiger read the essay and created a watercolor. “This partnership demonstrates the best of what can happen when Fresno Pacific University professors and students collaborate,” Howard said.

See the article and illustration here. More on the magazine at themennonite.org


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations