Federal CARES funds empower FPU to meet strategic objectives

As Fresno Pacific University plans to reunite students, faculty and staff in classrooms, residence halls, study areas and social facilities this fall on all five campuses, the university continues to be guided by the best in science and the spirit of GEIST—GROW Strategically, ENGAGE Collectively, INNOVATE Creatively, SERVE Courageously and TRANSFORM Purposefully—as laid out in the “Expanding the Possibilities” Strategic Map 2019-2022 (fresno.edu/sites/default/files/strategic-map-2019-22-with-success-indicators.pdf). The Strategic Map has guided strategies in planning for COVID and post-pandemic activities. The FPU Board, students and the various leadership teams of the university have appreciated everyone’s sacrifices and the ways all have administered hope during these times.

FPU continues to receive CARES Relief funding administered by the federal government. During the first two rounds this amounted to just over $11 million; $4 million of which was designated as direct aid to students. Guidelines were given as to how universities could spend the institutionally designated funds. Initially the institution had little discretion outside those areas not directly COVID-related. A third round of funding has recently been approved which provides more discretion for the replacement of lost revenue over this past year, and the anticipated loss for the coming academic year. These monies have transformed FPU’s campuses with all kinds of safety features, including plexiglass sneeze guards, special cleaning tools, wall signs and floor stickers and a mountain of personal protection equipment, including masks and sanitizer. They have also paid for added personnel for the regular cleaning and sanitization of these areas.

The first two rounds of federal funds, along with careful and faithful stewardship, have allowed FPU to plan a balanced budget despite the loss of millions in revenue due to declines in enrollment in both the TUG and DC student populations. Round three stimulus will assist the university in balancing next year’s budget based on current projected revenue losses, but will also empower FPU in meeting the objectives already established in the Strategic Map.

Strategic Map and CARES Institutional Relief Funding

Federally Stipulated Uses:

  • Defray expenses associated with the virus
  • Lost revenue (estimated $6.9 million)
  • Reimbursement of expenses already accrued since March 2020
  • Technology costs associated with distance education
  • Faculty and staff training
  • Payroll
  • Expenses to carry out student support activities
  1. Grow Strategically
  • Expand online programs (IT)
  • Increase staff and faculty support at regional campuses (IT)
  • Restore employee benefits and COLA (payroll)
  • Fund and build effective IT systems for administration and academics (IT)
  • Address one-third of the deferred-maintenance priority needs (change in delivery of instruction)
  • Expand revenue streams (loss of revenue)
  1. Engage Collectively
  • Increase internships, expand career services (student support services)
  • Student and campus community forums and social events (student, staff, faculty mental health support)
  • Expand summer support and student opportunities through partnerships (student support)
  1. Innovate Creatively
  • Establish a Center for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (faculty and staff training)
  • Broaden career service opportunities (student support)
  • Design and remodel facilities that encourage a creative environment (student support)
  • Annual professional development plans for faculty and staff (under the Center for Teaching, Learning and Innovation)
  • Expand TUG and Graduate research and innovative projects (student support)
  • Increase faculty retention (under salary, benefits, social and psychological support)
  1. Serve Courageously
  • Increase work-related student professional experiences (student support)
  • Establish service-learning opportunities in diverse local organizations (student support)
  • Establish university-wide service day (under faculty and staff support)
  1. Transform Purposely
  • Increase campus-wide participation in diversity initiatives (student, staff and faculty support).

Thanks to everyone for their efforts as FPU continues to Grow, Engage, Innovate, Serve and Transform to empower students and engage the cultures and serve the cities, and as we all honor our Lord Jesus Christ in our work together.



Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations