Kyra Muhs, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) candidate, presented a poster about her thesis work at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education Research Day. This is the first time the event has been opened to students outside Berkeley. Sharon Merritt, Ph.D., director of the FPU MAT program, accompanied Muhs to the April 14 event.

From the abstract:

“My study focused on investigating why some students refrain from participating in whole class discussions, as well as why some students dominate discussions. Through this study, I hoped to determine what were some of the factors contribute to my high school English students’ motivation to participate or to refrain from participating in these whole class discussions.  In addition, I wanted to find some methods that could encourage more students to participate in these whole class discussions.”

Muhs conducted the study in her 10th grade English class during the fall 2016 semester. Of the 29 students enrolled in the class, 23 participated in the study. 

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