Winners and categories

Biology (with faculty) First—Thermal Inactivation of Black Mustard Seeds under a Non-isothermal Temperature, by Krista Loper and Tessa Fischer

Human Physiology I

First—The Effect of Cell Phone Conversation on Reaction Time, by Jordan Cardoza, Vanessa Carrasco, Jose Rigor and Debra Johnson Second—Maximum Recovery Time with Minimum Recovery Time, by Brandon Croft Third—Metabolic Changes, by Steven Waite, Paul Islas and Brian Xicotencatl

Human Physiology/Psychology

First—Student Focus Test, by Donte Mitchell, Karlan Andrews and Daniel Bartlett Second—Study of Methods to Increase Hamstring Flexibility, by Kevin Lott Third—Effects of Music on Heart Rate and Pain Perception, by Monica Pagadala and Olivia Kahn

Miscellaneous (biology, history, mathematics, political science)

First—Diolkos: Concerning The Ancient Trackway's Effectiveness, by Charles Jensen and Czarina Calayan Second—Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg Method for nth-order Differential Equations in Mathematica, by David King Third—Wildlife Activity Patterns of the Sierra Nevada, by Krista Loper, Tyler Luke and Paul Lochow


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations