Some of the top scholars of 2018-2019 were recognized at the annual Fresno Pacific University Honors Banquet Thursday, April 25. Traditional undergraduate students, family and faculty gathered in the Special Events Center on the main FPU campus for the annual event.

Samuel Delk won the Harold H. Haak Academic Achievement Award. Named for former FPU President Harold Haak, who died in 2003, the prize goes to a member of the university’s Alpha Chi Honor Society who has made significant contributions to the university, community and church and shows promise for future success. The award is provided by Betty Haak, Harold’s wife, who was present at the banquet, and the Haak family.

Rachel Kaneversky and Roberto Perez each won Highest Grade Point Average Awards. Perez also won senior highest honors in business administration, and Kaneversky also won senior honors in communication. (Photo from left: Kaneversky, Delk, Perez)

In other overall awards, Luke Fredette received the prize for Outstanding Student of Classics and Ancient History and Savanah Sellai for Outstanding Member of the University Scholars Program. Sellai also won senior highest honors in history.


Business Administration

Junior Honors – Lily Abourezk, Matthew Wilfong

Junior Highest Honors – Erika Enomoto

Senior Honors – Juan Alfonso, Austin Hussain

Senior Highest Honors – Roberto Perez


Math and Science Division


Junior Highest Honors – Israel Mendoza

Senior Highest Honors – Annie Regier


Junior Highest Honors – Catherine Jalomo

Environmental Science/Studies

Junior Highest Honors – Erika Enomoto

Senior Honors – Katie Isaac


Junior Highest Honors – Kelsey Lowrey

Senior Highest Honors – Marshall Dinkins

Applied Mathematics

Junior Highest Honors – Christina Tran

Senior Highest Honors – Kyle Jones

Pre-Health Sciences

Senior Honors – Curtis Dunn, Barbara Keomany

Health Sciences Division


Junior Highest Honors – Guadalupe Ramirez-Torrez

Senior Honors – Brittney Chow, Rafael Vidal

Senior Highest Honors – Courtney Wild-Elrod


Biblical and Religious Studies Division

Biblical and Theological Studies

Senior Honors – Sara Gurule

Senior Highest Honors – Margaret Bowlin

Contemporary Christian Ministries

Junior Honors – Lily Wyse

Junior Highest Honors – Matthew Wilfong

Senior Highest Honors – Sierra Dinkins

Intercultural & Religious Studies

Junior Honors – Hayley Colvard, Samantha Witt

Junior Highest Honors – Kelly Damm

Senior Highest Honors – Sierra Dinkins

Humanities Division


Senior Honors – Loren Friesen, Rachel Kaneversky

Senior Highest Honors – Kyland Hall


Junior Honors – Abigail Brown

Junior Highest Honors – Francesco Parisi

Senior Honors – Jessica Bird, Anastasia Diaz

Senior Highest Honors – Margaret Bowlin

Liberal Studies

Junior Honors – Diego Mendez, Jonnie Montano

Junior Highest Honors – Isabella Naranjo

Senior Honors – Hannah Jones, Hannah Weber

Senior Highest Honors – Karina Garcia


Junior Honors – Peyton Kwalwasser

Junior Highest Honors – Rachel Anderson

Senior Highest Honors – Annaliese Herms


Junior Highest Honors – Marvin Santos Aquino

Senior Honors – Stephanie Arellano, Alexis Torres

Senior Highest Honors – Beula Camilo

Visual and Performing Arts Division


Junior Honors – Rebekah Geiger

Junior Highest Honors – Hannah Hinson

Senior Honors – Morgan Scheidt, Lauren Nichols

Senior Highest Honors – Carolina Mueller


Junior Honors – Laura Hunter, Lauren Nichols

Junior Highest Honors – Elaine Wilkinson

Senior Honors – Regine Abad

Senior Highest Honors – Elisa Duffy


Junior Honors – Alex Heinrich

Junior Highest Honors – Parker Lewis

Senior Honors – Kathryn Fleener

Senior Highest Honors – Jesse Parr

Social Sciences Division


Junior Honors – Jacob Brasel

Junior Highest Honors – Morgan Schlesselman

Senior Honors – Rosa Benitez

Senior Highest Honors – Bryce Peden


Junior Honors – Nathaniel Van Dyke

Senior Honors – Luis Arguello, Emma Sorensen

Senior Highest Honors – Savanah Sellai

Political Science

Junior Honors – Shawn Smith


Junior Highest Honors – Kianna Cobarruvias


Junior Honors – Brie-Lauren Courseault, Caleb Loving

Junior Highest Honors – Mary Reitz

Senior Honors – Jessica Renna, Cavec Vazquez

Senior Highest Honors – Paimanjot Kaur


Junior Highest Honors – Mackenzie Curtis

Senior Honors – Ashley Contreras, Yvette Flores

Senior Highest Honors – Luis Arguello

Social Work

Junior Honors – Kevin Howland, Emily Jorge

Junior Highest Honors – Michael Lipps

Senior Honors – Vanessa Perez, Annahi Zaragoza

Senior Highest Honors – Allison Rigg


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations