Spring brings academic awards to Fresno Pacific University’s top-performing students. Here are the 2021-2022 Outstanding Graduates as well as those winning honors at the Honors Banquet and Undergraduate research Night.

Outstanding Graduates

Named by the deans of FPU’s five schools for their overall success, these students are given recognition at commencement.

Spring 2022

School of Business

Joshua Newfield | B.A. in Business Administration: Management Emphasis
Caroline “Lum” Lumnqi | M.A. in in Strategic & Organizational Leadership

School of Education

Jannette Gardner | M.A. in Teaching
Megan Kate Medeiros | M.A. in School Psychology

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

Liliana Becerril | B.A. in Graphic Design
Veronica Mendez Garcia | B.A. in History and Social Work

School of Natural Sciences

Callen Moon | B.S. in Pre-Health Sciences
Chole Sharp | B.A. in Kinesiology: Exercise Physiology Emphasis

Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary

Jireh Mukawa | M.A. in Community Leadership and Transformation
Pam Yang | M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Fall 2021

School of Business

Jose Luis Madrigal | B.A in Business Administration: Organizational Leadership Emphasis

School of Education

Desiree Stumpf | M.A. in Special Education
Anthony Segura | M.A. in Reading and Language Arts

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

Gillian Lehman | Liberal Studies: Spanish Emphasis
Olivia Pacheco | Individualized Master of Arts Program

School of Natural Sciences
Caesar Angulo | B.S. in Environmental Science

Hannah Weaver | B.S. in Biology: Environmental Emphasis

Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary

Jorg Letkemann | M.A. in Community Transformation
Blong Yang | M.A. in Theology

Honors Banquet

Seniors and juniors receiving honors for their work in their major enjoyed dinner and presentations April 22.

School of Business
Irelda Alarcon-Ayon, Junior Highest Honors, Business Administration
Katherine Lam, Junior Honors, Business Administration                 
Tatum Benson, Junior Honors, Business Administration                 
Cameron Olson, Senior Highest Honors, Business Administration
Fiona Mukiza, Senior Honors, Business Administration                  

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences
Brady Crow, Senior Highest Honors, Biblical and Theological Studies
Amanda Hansston, Senior Honors, Biblical and Theological Studies           
Adam Krumpe, Senior Highest Honors, Contemporary Christian Ministries             
Magdalena Wenger, Junior Highest Honors, Intercultural and Religious Studies
Anna Krumpe, Junior Honors, Intercultural and Religious Studies
Karina Morales, Junior Honors, Intercultural and Religious Studies            
Jacklyn Avila, Senior Highest Honors, Communication
Alicia Garcia, Senior Honors, Communication
Mitchell Diboll, Senior Honors, Communication 
Janell Mayberry, Junior Highest Honors, Communication
Audrey Bradford, Junior Honors, Communication                              
Laura Hand, Senior Highest Honors, English
Kaitlyn Doolittle, Senior Honors, English                
Tiana Gabel, Senior Honors, English         
Amy Zaninovich, Senior Highest Honors, Liberal Studies 
Brianna Burgess, Senior Honors, Liberal Studies
Leslie Campos, Senior Honors, Liberal Studies    
Emily Hand, Junior Highest Honors, Liberal Studies
Ana Apodaca-Valle, Junior Honors, Liberal Studies            
Brenda Beltran, Junior Honors, Liberal Studies                                   
Kelli Hata, Senior Highest Honors, Philosophy     
Nicolas Portwood, Junior Highest Honors, Philosophy     
Karina Ortiz Ramirez, Senior Honors, Spanish      
Mariana Bautista Almazan, Senior Honors, Spanish
Fernando Martin Yanez, Junior Highest Honors, Spanish
Andrea Pineda, Junior Honors, Spanish  
Brenda Sanchez, Junior Honors, Spanish                               
Genesis Navarrete, Senior Highest Honors, Criminal Justice
Benjamin Hernandez-Garcia, Senior Honors, Criminal Justice                                       
Victoria Ledezma Chavez, Junior Highest Honors, Criminal Justice              
Katelynn Bloom, Junior Honors, Criminal Justice                                
Angeles Estrada, Senior Honors, History
Seth Garcia, Senior Honors, History
Danya Gonzalez, Junior Highest Honors, History
Allyson Huettmann, Junior Honors, History                                          
Ethan Wenter, Junior Honors, History                     
Veronica Mendez Garcia, Senior Highest Honors, History and Social Work              
Leondre McBride, Senior Highest Honors, Political Science
Jesus Gomez, Senior Honors, Political Science                     
Lori Small, Senior Highest Honors, Pre-Law
Nathan Kendricks, Senior Honors, Pre-Law           
Luke Colvard, Junior Highest Honors, Pre-Law                    
Victoria Ledezma Chavez, Junior Honors, Pre-Law                             
Elida Vargas, Senior Highest Honors, Psychology
Chiara Soergel, Senior Honors, Psychology
Julissa Lopez, Senior Honors, Psychology
Erika Garcia, Junior Highest Honors, Psychology                
Eliseo Montes, Senior Honors, Social Work
Blanca Sanchez, Junior Highest Honors, Social Work                         
Alexander Ferguson, Senior Highest Honors, Sociology   
Khylia DeJean, Junior Highest Honors, Sociology
Mariana Aguilar Zuniga, Senior Honors, Sociology and Spanish    
Liliana Becerril, Senior Highest Honors, Graphic Design   
Kaycee Bauer, Senior Highest Honors, Music       
Marnie Debardeleben, Senior Honors, Music      
Blaykee Bettin, Senior Honors, Studio Art             
Veronica DeYoung, Senior Honors, Studio Art     
Elizabeth Davis, Junior Highest Honors, Theater 

School of Natural Sciences
Matthew Ross, Senior Highest Honors, Applied Mathematics
Paola Gonzalez-Mendez, Junior Highest Honors, Applied Mathematics
Magdalena Wenger, Senior Highest Honors, Biology
Hannah Weaver, Senior Honors, Biology               
Roman Endicott , Senior Honors, Biology
Fernanda Espino-Moreno, Junior Highest Honors, Biology
Donte Valdez, Junior Honors, Biology
Jason Datsko, Senior Highest Honors, Chemistry               
Cesar Angulo, Senior Highest Honors, Environmental Science/Studies
Chloe Sharp, Senior Highest Honors, Kinesiology
Jose Mozqueda, Senior Honors, Kinesiology                       
Steven Chapman, Senior Honors, Kinesiology     
Rosemary Chapman, Junior Highest Honors, Kinesiology
Anastassiya Barakoyeva, Junior Honors, Kinesiology                        
Callen Moon, Senior Highest Honors, Pre-Health Sciences                            
Juliet Hardy, Senior Honors, Pre-Health Sciences
Luke Smith, Senior Highest Honors, Software Engineering
Vinicius Molz, Senior Honors, Software Engineering                        
Lydia Manu, Junior Highest Honors, Software Engineering                                                           

Undergraduate Research Night

Students, mostly seniors, presented original research on various subjects April 12 using either posters or small-group presentations to report their findings.

Kinesiology—Jose Mozqueda
Biology—Baovan Ngo, Jason Datsko and Callen Moon
Humanities—Kaitlynn Doolittle
Social Science—Luke Colvard
Biblical Studies—Brady Crow

Graduate Research Symposium

Graduate students from a variety of fields presented academic projects Friday, May 6.

M.A. in School Psychology

Victor Valdivia
School Staff Perspective on Mental Health

Brandon Chavez
Increasing Expressive Language in a Student with Autism through Direct Training

Arlette Magallon
Teacher Readiness to Handle Social-Emotional Concerns in the Classroom

Megan Kate Sullivan Medeiros
Academic Effects of Social Emotional Learning

Kari Camarillo
An Exploration of the Single Most Significant Factor in Determining High School Dropout

Jaimee Choi
Rates of Specific Learning Disability Identification: PSW vs. Discrepancy

Katelyn Akkerman
The Pyramid Model Training and Its Impact on Preschool Teachers’ Approach to Social and Emotional Development in the Classroom

Mitchell Vince Sandoval
The Use of Social and Emotional Curriculum for Increasing Communication of a Student with Selective Mutism

Amber Pietro
Exploring the Effectiveness of the HOPS Intervention for Use with Elementary School-Aged Students with Executive Skill Deficits

M.A. in Special Education

Brooke Arruda
Evidence-Based Practices: Evaluating Childhood Autism Programs to Implementation

Jennifer Cadena
Teachers’ Perspectives on Effective Co-Teaching Pedagogy

Chelsea Eaton
Camouflaging within Females with Autism

Najwa Kaileh
Phenomenology of the Experiences of Parents of Students with Disabilities in Rural Areas

Hannah Little
Factors Affecting Paraprofessionals’ Retention in Moderate to Severe Special Education Classrooms

Cassidy Needham
Pedagogical Strategies to Benefit General Education Teachers During Inclusion

Bailey Osmer
Behavior Supports for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Experiencing Puberty During Middle School Within a Public School

Whitney Pollock
A Detailed Comparison: Quality of Life Perceptions for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brianna Sanchez
Experiences Co-Teaching Offers For K-4 Special Education Students in an Inclusive Classroom

Lauren Sue
The Lived Experiences of Parents of Children with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Through the IEP Process

Zaira Valeriano
Perspectives on the Effects of Preschool Inclusion on School Readiness by Preschool Professionals

Alexes Wooley
Co-Teaching using Universal Design for Learning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the General Education Classroom

M.A. in Administrative Services

Kimberly Rose Ramirez
Teacher Self Efficacy and Positive Discipline

Veronica Serrato
The Impact Tier II Phonics Intervention has on English Language Learners

Nicole Wales
The Importance of Parental Support of Emergent Readers

M.A. in Mathematics Education

Mario Ordaz
Teaching Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Charice Nusse
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and Bridging Learning Following a Pandemic

Leslie Rouse
Effect of SMP-focused Formative Assessments on Student Math Anxiety

M.A. in Strategic & Organizational Leadership

Caroline Ngwa Lumnwi
Talent Management in Higher Education: Enhancing Students’ Post-Graduation Employment Outcomes

Jennifer Cadena
Teachers’ Perspectives on Effective Co-Teaching Pedagogy

Davann McClellan
Transorganizational Change Initiatives Within the Fresno County Winery Industry: Strategic Alliance Building

Nathaniel Schenck
Our Promise to Non-Profits: Philanthropy in California State Agencies

Blanca Torres
Transformational Leaders Impact on Follower Performance

Master’s in Business Administration

Arisbet L. Torres-Villasenor
Redefine Label


PHOTO: Marshall Johnston, Ph.D., associate professor of classics and ancient history, listens to honors student Veronica Mendez Garcia outdoors by the McDonald Hall Fountain at an event for Outstanding Graduates.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations