Some 54 Fresno Pacific University students got the chance to showcase their research to faculty, family and friends at the Sixth B-Annual Graduate research Symposium May 3, 2019.

Students working toward master’s degrees in administrative services, mathematics education, STEM education, special education, teacher librarian and nursing used poster presentations to display their study of issues and concerns in their professional field. The event took place at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary on the main FPU campus, 1717 S. Chestnut Ave., Fresno.

Participants were:

Master’s in Teaching

John Andrew Bell

“The Power of Autonomy: Investigating the Effects of Student Choice on Engagement in the Research Process”

Charise M. Brichta

“Motivation Among Middle School Students in Physical Education”

Erin Marie Carlson

“Goal Setting in Writers’ Workshop: The Effects on Student Writing Motivation and Development”

Tiffany Chanel Castillas

“Developing Student Understanding of Multiplication in a Fifth Grade Classroom”

Lyndsie Clevenger

“Motivation and Enjoyment in High School Physical Education: The Role of Student-Centered Pedagogies

Dana Elkins

“Engaging Students in assessment: Motivating Fifth Graders Through Nontraditional Group Assessments”

Daleene N. Janzen

“Leading Students to Formulate Open-Ended Questions in an Elementary School Classroom”

Denisse Duran Lozano

“Integrating Academic Conversations in Science to Increase Engagement and Critical Thinking”

Jessica M. Martin

“Improving Guided Reading Instruction in a First Grade Classroom

Landin Mello

“Questions in a Social Studies Classroom: Student Perceptions and Learning”

Andrea Miller

“Implementing Alternative Literacy Assessments for Increasing Student Motivation and Performance”

Natalia Navarro

“Effects of a School-Based Online Social Network on Engagement in Independent Reading"

Jessica Dale Owens

“The Effects of Literature Circles on Student Reading Engagement and Growth”

Lauren Petiti

“Exploring the Relationship Between Motivation, Choice, and Creativity in High School Digital Arts”

Reilly Elizabeth Reis

“The Value of Problem-Based Learning in Elementary Math”

Jordan Alexander Roberts

“Going Multimodal: Graphic Novels and Blogging in the ELA Classroom

Traci M. Staal

“Addressing Motivation in High School Mathematics”

Bethany Vizarra

“Helping Third-Grade Students Set and Achieve Individual Goals in Student Learning Communities”

Megan Lenna Weber

“Working Toward a Deeper Understanding of Place Value in a Fifth Grade Classroom”

M.A. in Administrative Services

Alma McKenry

“Effects of Teachers Personal Adverse Childhood Experience Score on Perception of Student Behavior and Effectiveness of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports”

Teacher Librarian

Tara Woodall

“Sources of Secondary Students’ Anxiety and Confidence Related to Development of Information Literacy Skills”

Special Education

Lisa Hamel

“Effectiveness of Zentangle Method Art Intervention to Reduce Test Anxiety in Children with Specific Learning Disability”

STEM Education

Stephanie Bautista

“Effects of Integrated STEM Curriculum on Student Engagement and Motivation in Title 1 Elementary Schools”

Joe Bracamonte

“Summer STEM Academy”

Rhiannon Dewey

Measuring Attitudinal Shifts in Students within the Collee Preparatory Mathematics Curriculum “Inspirations and Ideas”

Sarah Larson

“Exploding Dots and the Observable Effects it can have on a fourth Grade Classroom”

Jennifer Price-Airheart

“Effects of Integrated STEM Unit on Primary Engagement in STEM Subjects”

Math Education

Daniel Bautista

“The Effect of Online Homework on Self Efficacy in a High School Calculus Course”

Gerald Edgecomb

“Investigating Problem-Based Learning to Support Student Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge and Disposition Toward Mathematics”

Sierra Gerling

“Using Story-Based Integer Models and Affective Interventions to Support Under-Prepared Students’ Mathematics Learning and Identity”

Candice Reimer

“Supporting Preservice Teacher Development of Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice”

Master of Science in Nursing & Family Nurse Practitioner

Pinky Rose Calica

“New Nurse Practitioner’s Employment Contract: Impact on Job Satisfaction”

Timothy Caminata Jr.

“The Mitochondrial Metabolic Theory of Cancer and Implications for Advanced Nursing Practice”

Lisa Chapa

“Risk for Adverse Events Amongst the Limited English Proficient Population”

Christina Cook

“The Role of Nurse Practitioner in Medical Aid in Dying”

Craig Dixon

“Mentorship of the Novice Nurse Practitioner”

Francisco Fincalero

“A Systematic Review of the Effects of Caffeine in Sustaining Alertness and Work Performance of Sleep-Deprived Subjects”

Andrea Jackson

“Polypharmacy & the Elderly Population”

Ellen Kahn

“Jesus was a Healer too: Connecting our Stories with His”

Jaspreet Kaur

“HTN in East Asian Population”

Navneet Mann

“Effectiveness of Alternative Therapies for Pain Relief to Prevent Opioid Crisis”

Abbey Morren

“Penicillin Skin Testing as a Means to Increase Antibiotic Stewardship”

Jagdish S. Nijjar

“Misdiagnoses of Elder Abuse and Neglect”

Lea Pisching

“Barriers to Palliative Care in the Emergency Department”

Saengdao Phonxaylinkham

“HBV Knowledge Improvement in Southeast Asian Americans in Fresno County”

Ronnie Potts

“Early Intervention Services: Education for Parents of High-Risk Infants Admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”

Michelle Rubio

“Timely and Effective Care by NP in ED Fast Track”

E Sun Saesee

“Improving Quality of Life with Supplementations in Hemodialysis Patients”

Hayes Saul

“Treatment Options for Hepatocellular Carcinoma”

Mandeep Sidhu

“Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOs) with Metformin”

Channa Soth

“The Effects of HPV vaccinations, how providers can use the toolkit to help with HPV Compliance”

Brittney Stanley

“CATCH 22: Barriers to Diagnosing and Treating Adults and Pediatrics with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome”

Marisol Tienda

“Human Trafficking Victims and the Role of the Healthcare Provider: Can we Recognize the Victims?”

Maribel Torres

Should NPs Practice in Acute Care Areas?”

PHOTO: Lyndsie Clevenger, left, discusses her graduate research project with Linda Hoff, Ph.D., head of the FPU Teacher Education Divison



Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations