Each spring scholarship blooms like a garden of intellectual flowers at Fresno Pacific University, with events on the main campus highlighting the work of undergraduate, graduate and seminary students.

Undergraduate Research Day

The season started with Undergraduate Research Day April 14. Students in fields including biology, humanities, intercultural studies, kinesiology and psychology produced 50 posters of original research and, a new feature, 12 oral presentations. Posters were on display in the BC Lounge and Seminary Chapel, while oral presentations took place in North Hall 125 and 127.

Presentation winners

  • Natural Sciences: Christopher DeLeon—“Bees’ Roles in Community Gardens”

  • Intercultural Studies (Graduate): Mitchell Redondo—“The LGBT Community”

  • Intercultural Studies (Undergraduate): Cierra Guerra—“Yoga in the Western World”

  • Humanities/Social Science: Reilly Reis—“An Ancient Voice of Wisdom on Education”

Poster winners were:

  • Biology/Kinesiology: Vanessa Montes—“Comparison of the Fine Motor Skills in Musicians vs. Non-Musicians”

  • Psychology Group 1: Claire Schellenberg and Madylynn Snyder—“Does Religious Priming Have an Effect on Self-Reported Sexual Attitudes in a Population of Undergraduate Students at a Private Christian University?”

  • Psychology Group 2: Amanda Cantu—“Mennonite Identity Orientation Assessment”

  • Physiology: Azalia Correa, Esme Cortez and Bre Abell—“Effect of Fright on Brain Waves”

Honors Banquet

Top seniors and juniors in the traditional undergraduate program were recognized at the Honors Banquet April 22. Highest honors and honors were awarded in seven divisions in the School of Business, the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences. (Neither the School of Education nor the Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary offer traditional undergraduate degrees. Not all divisions gave awards in all categories.)

Highest honors

  • Business Division: Business Administration Major—Alexander Hussain (senior) and Alyssa DenHartog (junior).

  • Mathematics & Science Division: Chemistry Major—Jonathan Passmore (senior). Applied Mathematics Major—Joshua Ewert (senior) and Cho Fai Wong (junior). Pre-Health Sciences Major—Haden Lawton (junior). Kinesiology Major—Vanessa Montes (senior) and Christopher Carlson (junior).

  • Biblical & Religious Studies Division: Biblical & Religious Studies Major—Cory Wyse (senior). Contemporary Christian Ministries Major—Sara Martin (senior) and Jeremy Neipp (junior). Intercultural Studies Major—Jesica Uriostegui (senior) and Jenna Orcutt (junior).

  • Humanities Division: Communication Major—Makenzie Dunckel (senior) and Hailey Millhollen (junior). English Major—Roselle Anne Abad (junior). Liberal Studies Major—Reilly Reis (senior) and Hannah Little (junior). Philosophy Major—Axel Atkinson (junior). Spanish Language & Culture Major—Jose E. Chavez Garcia (senior) and Ricardo Jaza (junior).

  • Visual & Performing Arts Division: Art Major—Amber Cielo (senior) and Paula Garcia-Baez (junior). Music Major—Jesse Micu (senior) and Kylie Ehlert (junior).

  • Social Sciences Division: Criminal Justice Major—Kaitlyn Friedrichs (junior). History Major—Anthony Sakayan (senior) and Camille Cipolla (junior). Political Science Award—Jacob Mizner (senior) and Madelyn Abourezk (junior). Pre-Law Major—Taylor Buller (senior). Psychology Major—Mason Rivera (senior) and Danielle Donald (junior). Sociology Major—Dallhana Garcia (senior). Social Science Secondary Teaching Major—Alyssa Stevens (senior). Social Work Major—Dallhana Garcia (senior) and Donte McDaniel (junior).


  • Business Division: Business Administration Major—Alicia Amaya and David Maes (senior) and Emma Delk and Cierra Pius (junior).

  • Mathematics & Science Division: Biology Major—Mariela Mendoza and Sarah Sperling (junior). Mathematics Major—Connor Green (senior) and Kimberlie Rauling (junior). Pre-Health Sciences Major—Emma Heinrichs and Cody Kinsman (senior) and Brian Lawton (junior). Kinesiology Major—Aaron Schwartz and Samuel Zemede (senior) and Taylan Erro (junior).

  • Biblical & Religious Studies Division: Biblical & Religious Studies Major—Emily Mooney and Anthony Sakayan (senior). Contemporary Christian Ministries Major—Alexander Hussain and Joshua Lund (senior) and Randi McCarley and John Samson (junior). Intercultural Studies Major—Thomas Swan (senior).

  • Humanities Division: Communication Major—Courtney Moore and Thomas Swan (senior) and Ben Weaver (junior). English Major—Rebecca Houser (senior) and Kaitlyn Black (junior). Liberal Studies Major—Alexandria Longoria and Evelyn Smith (senior) and Nicole Ruiz and Shannon Stockton (junior). Philosophy Major—Camille Cipolla (junior).

  • Visual & Performing Arts Division: Art Major—Ashley Bese and Courtney Moore (senior) and Matlyn Morris (junior). Music Major—Kelsey Loehner and Maxton Vieira (senior) and Colson Cluff and Bryn Riley (junior).

  • Social Sciences Division: History Major—Tyler Hodges and Maxton Vieira (senior) and Brandon Carpenter and Mary Clark (junior). Political Science Award—Karla Garcia (senior). Pre-Law Major—Adam Awad (senior). Psychology Major—Michael Rooney and David Woods (senior) and Kayln Mello and Claire Shellenberg (junior). Sociology Major—Anahi Arias-Aranda (senior). Social Science Secondary Teaching Major—Nicholas Colin and Tyler Hodges (senior). Social Work Major—Taylor Starks and Jesica Uriostegui (senior) and Angel DeLeon and Mirella Magana (junior).

Cipolla also won the Classics and Ancient History Award. Laure Samuelson won the University Scholars Award.

Graduate Research Symposium

The Second Annual Graduate Research Symposium took place April 29 in North Hall. In all, 17 students from programs including Master of Arts in Leadership & Organization, Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Master of Arts in Special Education and Master of Arts in Teaching all presented original research. Formats ranged from wall and tabletop posters to PowerPoint presentations.

Seminary Gala

The annual Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary Gala took place May 5 in Shehadey Dining Hall. Several students were honored with awards and scholarships:

  • Zondervan Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Hebrew—Savannah Pronovost

  • Zondervan Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Greek—Christian Bisher

  • Zondervan Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Theology—Cindy Jurado Hernandez

  • Mental Health & Integration Award—Angela Hernandez

  • Marriage & Family Therapy Designated Endowed Scholarship—Caroline Dower

  • Marriage & Family Therapy Clinical Honors Scholarship—Amanda Bernabe

  • Marriage & Family Therapy Faculty Honors Scholarship—Jenna Duffin

  • John Isaak Best Paper Scholarship—Dallas Nord

  • Allen R. Guenther Old Testament Endowed Scholarship—Savannah Pronovost

  • Nettie Toews Honors Scholarship—Noemi Vega

  • Henry J. Schmidt Multi-Cultural Leadership Scholarship—Julissa Galvan, Bao Yang and Paquita Henderson

  • Henry J. Schmidt Family International Endowed Scholarship—Misael Amarilla

  • Peter and Sophie Enns Honors Scholarship—Joshua Lee

  • Michael C. Eckgren and Bryan D. Goossen Scholarship—Brad Isaak

Teacher credentialing program

More than 100 newly qualified teachers celebrated at the annual Teacher Education Credentialing Ceremony May 11 in the Special Events Center. About 850 people attended the annual event for those who have completed the teacher credentialing program in the School of Education. Roberta Jentes Mason, Ph.D., retired professor of education, was the featured speaker and Juli Rice and Linda Gillis were recognized with Apple Awards for mentoring.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations