Awards for service and recognition for seniority were distributed during the May 6 Employee Celebration.

Topping the list were Presidential Distinguished Service Awards:

  • Regional Campus—Denise Baronian, executive director of regional enrollment
  • Administration—Becky Bradley, executive director of communications
  • Staff—Thomas Cairns, associate registrar
  • Faculty—Elizabeth Lake, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology

Ten retirements were noted:

  • Greg Camp, Ph.D., associate dean, School of Humanities, Religion & Social Sciences (36 years)
  • Allen Carden, Ph.D., professor of history (21 years)
  • Vern Carter, cataloging and technical services, Hiebert Library (17 years)
  • Tim Geddert, Ph.D., professor and program director of New Testament, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary (12 years)
  • Breck Harris, Ed.D., professor of business (27 years)
  • Julie Lane, Ed.D., associate professor, School of Education (12 years)
  • Charles Merritt, Ed.D., clinical associate professor, coordinator of bilingual authorization program, School of Education (four years)
  • Fay Nielsen, Ph.D., associate professor kinesiology (25 years)
  • Rod Janzen, Ed.D., professor of history (33 years)
  • Stephen Varvis, Ph.D., professor of history (37 years)

Members of the faculty senate and staff exec who are ending their terms were honored:

  • Michelle Bradford, Psy.D., interim dean, School of Business
  • Quentin Kinnison, Ph.D., associate professor of biblical and religious studies
  • Mariah Cushing, Ph.D., Lilly Pathways program director and assistant to the dean/VP, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary
  • Wade French, director of seminary admission
  • Mandie Wall, director for residence life and housing

Staff and faculty were acknowledged for their years of service:

25 years

  • Becky Allen, Fay Nielsen, Laura Roberts

15 years

  • Chad Boling, Carlos Herrada, Bob Jacobsen, Quentin Kinnision

10 years

  • Doug Bartsch, Timothy Beauregard, Kerry Sue Brown, Nathan Carson, Ken Cheung, Adam Ghali, Jeanette Jaurena, Barbara McCarthy-Kerber, Cynthia McGrady, Waldo Murillo Jr., Devery Ortiz

5 years

  • Candi Alexander, Brittany Astiasuain, Rob Carey, Maria Cushing, Chanda Deisman, Dena Fiori, Ariana Segura Garcia, Virginia Garcia, Nina Gomez, Rebecca Gutierrez, Rayna Harris, Matt Horton, Louis Jackson, Jamie Jones, Kelly LaSalle, Kizzy Lopez, Tasha Mannings, Barbara Maselli, Nate McClurg, Katrina McGraw, Salvador Mejia, Donald Norman, Benjamin Smith, DeSilva Tuitele


PHOTO: Presidential Distinguished Service Award winners (from left)—Denise Baronian, Elizabeth Lake, Thomas Cairns, Becky Bradley and President André Stephens, Ph.D.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations