As the end of the 2014-2015 traditional school year drew near, students were honored for academic success at Fresno Pacific University.

Harold Haak Award

Alfredo Ramirez, a history/mathematics major from Waterford, CA, was given the Harold Haak Award. Named for the former FPU president, winners are selected by the faculty. “It means you are widely known and highly respected,” said Karen Cianci, Ph.D., traditional undergraduate dean, who recalled during the May 7 presentation that as a freshman Ramirez was so quiet he would neither speak in class nor see professors during office hours. “Everyone here is just great at bringing people out,” said Ramirez, who is applying for graduate programs in mathematics.

Academic Awards

Also presented May 7 in the Administration Offices were the awards for highest grade point average. In a first, six students awards scored perfect GPAs.

Vanessa Andrade-Cantu, a psychology major from Fresno, plans to go to Spain after graduation. Ariel Cormack, a psychology major from Sanger, plans to volunteer in a mission abroad program. Sarah Jalomo, a liberal studies major from Fresno, plans to get her teaching credential. Derek Kliewer, a biblical studies major from Reedley, plans to attend Geneva College for a master’s in higher education. Mattie Parker, a pre-law major from Visalia, plans to intern at Amor, a human rights organization, then attend law school. Ashken Chamasanyan, a psychology major from Fresno, was not present.

Photo (back row, from left): Kliewer, Cormack and Jalomo. Front row, from left: Andrade-Cantu and Parker.

Seminary Awards

Among the awards presented at the annual Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary Gala May 7 were:

  • Nathan Varvis, Fresno, Best Advanced Family Studies Paper, “Elite Athletics and the Female Athlete: A Socio-Cultural Examination.” Varvis graduated with a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy and will be working at Link Care Counseling Center, Fresno.
  • Andrew Lynch, Fresno, Best Senior Paper for Ministry Students, “Be Here Now: Rejecting Distraction in a Hyper-Connected World.” Lynch graduated with an M.A. Degree in New Testament and is pastor of family ministry at Northwest Church, Fresno.

Honors Banquet

Undergraduate students across the university were recognized for their achievements at the annual Honors Banquet April 24.

School of Business

Business Administration
Senior Highest Honors—Elizabeth Funk
Senior Honors—William DePledge, Jessi Wallace
Junior Highest Honors—Alexander Hussain
Junior Honors—Alisha Gold, David Vartanian

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

Senior Highest Honors—Breann Stevens
Junior Highest Honors—Amber Cielo
Junior Honors—Wesley Coles, Myranda Smith

Biblical & Religious Studies
Senior Highest Honors—Derek Kliewer
Senior Honors—James Burkdoll, Allison Ens
Junior Honors—Jessica Cruz

Senior Highest Honors—Makenzi Dunckel
Senior Honors—Candace Cortez, Thomas Swan
Junior Highest Honors—Celeste Camacho
Junior Honors—Samantha Ceballos, Ryan Dildine

Contemporary Christian Ministries
Senior Highest Honors—Ashley Jourgensen
Senior Honors—Ryan Ruhl
Junior Highest Honors—Sara Martin
Junior Honors—Alexander Hussain, Joshua Lund

Criminal Justice
Senior Highest Honors—Mongnchi Xiong
Junior Highest Honors—Nicholas Pate
Junior Honors—Gisell Pantaleon, Elizabeth Villanueva

Senior Highest Honors—Katherine Janzen
Senior Honors—Leann Lo, Emily Nikkel
Junior Highest Honors—Ashley Spinelli
Junior Honors—Rebecca Houser

Intercultural Studies
Senior Highest Honors—Dallas Nord
Senior Honors—Emily Broomfield
Junior Highest Honors—Jesica Uriostegui
Junior Honors—Thomas Swan

University Scholars Award—Payton Miller
Senior Highest Honors/Classics and Ancient History Award—Charlie Castanon
Senior Honors—Katherine Janzen, Alfredo Ramirez
Junior Highest Honors—Anthony Sakayan
Junior Honors—Aaron Panttaja, Maxton Vieira

Liberal Studies
Senior Highest Honors—Sarah Jalomo
Senior Honors—Nicole Beckman, Sara Martin, Christiane Miller
Junior Highest Honors—Natalie Van Groningen
Junior Honors—Evelyn Smith, Michelle Steitz

Senior Highest Honors—Maxton Vieira
Senior Honors—Tim Fletcher, Kelsey Loehner
Junior Highest Honors—Jesse Micu
Junior Honors—Kylie Ehlert

Senior Highest Honors—Shiniece Owens

Political Science
Senior Highest Honors—Caroline Stevenson
Senior Honors—Taylor Long, Alberto Sanchez, Patricia Vazquez Topete
Junior Highest Honors—Karla Garcia
Junior Honors—Nicholas Valla

Senior Highest Honors—Mattie Parker
Senior Honors—Lauren Pieretti, Vasmer Vang
Junior Highest Honors—Taylor Buller
Junior Honors—Michelle Glover

Senior Highest Honors—Kelsey Conklin
Senior Honors—Amanda Arriola, Ariel Cormack
Junior Highest Honors—Kahlei Benevedes
Junior Honors—Madison Pena, David Woods

Social Science Secondary Teaching
Senior Highest Honors—Paige Ainley
Senior Honors—Tyler Hodges, Audra Shipley

Social Work
Senior Highest Honors—Scarlett Ceja
Senior Honors—Amy Gonzalez, Amy Siemens
Junior Honors—Dallhana Garcia, Jesica Uriostegui

Senior Highest Honors—Amanda Arriola
Senior Honors—Araceli Arrambide, Victoria Schaefer
Junior Highest Honors—Dallhana Garcia
Junior Honors—Sarah Cuevas

Spanish Language & Culture
Senior Highest Honors—Jhosselyn Vargas
Senior Honors—Destiny Guerrero, Cynthia Gonzalez
Junior Highest Honors—Filiberto Ramos
Junior Honors—Jennifer Arellano, Zuleika Ornelas

School of Natural Sciences

Applied Mathematics
Senior Highest Honors—Trent Hinkle
Senior Honors—Alexander Ours, Colton Wilson
Junior Highest Honors—Joshua Ewert

Senior Highest Honors—Samantha Clark
Senior Honors—Allison Frye, Jerome Trembley
Junior Highest Honors—Sarah Sperling

Senior Highest Honors—Elijah Roth
Senior Honors—Nicole Zalewski
Junior Highest Honors—Jonathan Passmore

Senior Highest Honors—Chase Conklin
Senior Honors—David Maes, Alfredo Ramirez
Junior Honors—Garrison Bennet

Pre-Health Sciences
Senior Honors—Emma Heinrichs, Cody Kinsman

Senior Highest Honors—Kyle Mauriello
Senior Honors—Alyse Arentz, Corie Hamilton
Junior Highest Honors—Vanessa Montes
Junior Honors—Leslie Nelson-Burk, Aaron Schwartz


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations