By Marina Garnica

The artist who says he drew the first sketch of the iconic Apple logo shared his inspiring story with Fresno Pacific University students on Friday, September 8, 2023. 

Carlos Perez David is the mastermind behind the original drawing—now one of the most recognized logos in the world. “It was not only me, it was a whole team,” the 71-year-old told a Chirp chapel session in the Linn Family Performance Studio, part of the Warkentine Culture and Arts Center. “At the time we did not have a computer…at the time it was all hand drawn.” 

Perez David is a first-generation college graduate. He was born in Mexico City and raised in Stockton. After graduating from San Jose State University in the early 70s, he went on to work for Regis McKenna, an advertising agency in Silicon Valley. That was also when he became part of a team that worked on the design for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. (Jobs died in 2011.) 

Perez David’s inspirational story may revolve around the logo, but his life’s work goes beyond the common fruit with a bite. Art is his passion and he’s spent nearly his whole life dedicated to the craft, creating notable pieces that reflect his truth. 

“We have the energy, the power, the mindset to be able to set our goals, follow those goals and I promise you that each success will lead to another and that’s the way it happened for me,” he said. 

Inspired by Perez David’s work was Jacob Nieto Flores. The FPU sophomore, who purchased one of Perez David’s paintings, said the presentation was “beautiful” and showcased that opportunities are out there for people like him.  

“I think it was a great way to explain you can get opportunities from anywhere, especially since I’m a Valley kid. It’s nice to know someone can make it out,” he said.  

Angela Munoz, director of international programs and services, also found Perez David’s story inspirational after seeing him on TikTok. Once speaking with him over Zoom she knew she had to invite him to come and connect with students.  

“His life story echoes many untold stories in the Hispanic community that many can relate to,” she said. “To meet the artist behind the iconic logo of Apple is a true inspiration and keeps our community motivated.”

Chirp programs, sponsored by the Office of Spiritual Formation, is an opportunity for students to engage in conversation and learn about important community topics. This year, OSF is partnering with On-Site Counseling and the Intercultural Learning Center for presentations on mental, emotional and spiritual health, nutrition, interfaith dialogue, diversity and other topics. 

After the morning talk, Perez David also spoke to students during a Lunch and Learn event held in the Intercultural Learning Center on the main campus, 1717 S. Chestnut Ave., Fresno. 

Carlos Perez David has an art studio in San Jose, CA. See his work and read more about his story at  

PHOTO: Carlos Perez David (left) talks to students about art in the lobby of the Warkentine Culture and Arts Center. (Marina Garnica)


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations