FPU and The Great Courses join forces to offer professional development for teachers

A new partnership expands opportunities for teachers to earn professional development credit while learning about topics in education, social studies and science.

Fresno Pacific University has joined with The Great Courses to create three online graduate-level continuing education courses to launch October 1, 2019. The project pairs the expertise of The Great Courses in creating robust content and engaging videos with FPU’s decades of experience providing continuing education for teachers.

The courses are:

  •     The American West
  •     How We Learn
  •     Life in the World’s Oceans

Learn more and enroll at ce.fresno.edu/news/fresno-pacific-university-partners-with-the-great-courses-to-create-three-new-professional-development-courses-for-teachers.

“This adds a new, exciting element to what we’ve offered teachers for decades,” said Peggi Kriegbaum, M.A., executive director of continuing Education at Fresno Pacific University. “We’re very excited about working with The Great Courses. They specialize in making outstanding, informative and interesting video content, and we think it’s the perfect combination with the unique professional development engagement we offer.”

The FPU Office of Continuing Education offers many forms of professional development so educators can get the credits mandated by most school districts and stay on top in their fields. FPU also offers certificates in topics such as classroom technology, digital innovation and STEM teaching.

The Great Courses specializes in creating compelling online course videos that are engaging and educational. Each FPU course includes 24 to 30 half-hour lecture videos that complement the lessons.

Andrew B. Herrick, Ph.D., director of academic development for continuing education and adjunct FPU faculty, is an instructor for two of the classes. “These new courses offer a wonderful opportunity for teachers to learn the latest about history, science and education from leading authorities in the field. The courses leverage the best-in-class content and state-of-the-art videos to deliver a learning experience that is engaging and high quality. Through reflective discussions and applied assignments, the teachers finish the course with an action plan to better serve their students in the classroom,” he said.

More about The Great Courses at thegreatcourses.com.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations