A new student led-club, FPU Music Education Student Association (MESA), is seeking to bring the joy of music to all students. Maxton Vieira, president, said MESA aims to allow any student to actively participate in music, even if they are not part of a formal music program.

“It is a place for us to get together and bond over a love for music,” Vieira explained. MESA brings students together to learn new instruments, attend outside music events and much more. They meet at least once a week and the day varies depending upon what their plans are.

“This is an organization founded in service, we are bringing people together with music and we got about this in a lot of ways,” said Vieira.

The club is trying to form a variety of ensembles that can go out into the community. Members foresee the possibility of playing for homeless communities or for veterans. This outward mission focus is the key for MESA. “We are also trying to make connections in the larger music community, both inside and outside of Fresno Pacific,” Kylie Ehlert, MESA’s secretary, explained. These connections could help students pursue music in the area if they desire.

Overall, MESA’s goal is to expand students’ music focus and encourage moving outward. “The most important thing to take away is to know this is a place for everyone,” Vieira said.

Stay in contact with this new club through its Facebook page: FPU MESA