Fall enrollment exceeds expectations, even with online instruction

In times when good news seems rare, FPU is celebrating its 2020-21 enrollment.

The university has 4,001 students as of the 11-day census released September 16, 2020: 1,680 in bachelor’s degree completion programs, 1,362 in graduate programs—including 143 at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary—and 959 in traditional undergraduate programs.

While this is less than last year’s 4,109, previous estimates had pointed to a larger deficit. “To be just above 4,000 students this fall seemed impossible just a few months ago,” said Jon Endicott, vice president for enrollment management. “I am thrilled by the numbers of students who enrolled as we pivoted to fully online instruction this fall. We surpassed last year’s graduate total and almost matched the all-time high in graduate programs two years ago.” Graduate enrollment rose by 59 for 2020.

Credit goes to staff in enrollment and campus life, faculty and coaches. “Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for going above and beyond,” said President Joseph Jones, Ph.D. “We also thank the students and families who kept faith in FPU and recognized that even in our online format we are providing a transformative education.” FPU went to virtual instruction at all campuses due to COVID-19.

Increasing partnerships with community colleges has been a big part of the enrollment success. “This will continue to be our most significant opportunity for growth,” Endicott said. Money has ranked FPU number 11 among its 50 Best Colleges for Transfer Students—the highest-rated Christian school on the list.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations

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