Framing the Future with the Fresno Pacific Idea

Today the Idea influences five goals that will direct our immediate future. We call these goals GEIST: Grow, Engage, Innovate, Serve and Transform

Pacific Bible Institute was established in 1944, became Pacific College in 1960, received baccalaureate accreditation in 1965 and adopted the Pacific College Idea in 1966. Now the Fresno Pacific Idea, it continues to frame our planning and future as Fresno Pacific University addresses the concerns of the 21st century.

President Joseph Jones, Ph.D.Jesus told his disciples: “he that has, more shall be given to him...” By grace FPU has been transformed into a multi-campus university serving over 4,100 students from 40 nations through undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs. We spread the influence of the Kingdom of God throughout the Central Valley of California and abroad, impacting education, health care, nonprofit/youth, ministry/human services, business, international relations and public service.

Today the Idea influences five goals that will crystalize our vision. We call these goals GEIST: Grow, Engage, Innovate, Serve and Transform.

We will Grow and broaden our borders, increasing  our  capacity and strengthening our spiritual foundation as we have  over  the past 75 years. The university has become one of the most culturally diverse institutions in Christianhigher education with a reputation for providing access to quality education.

We will Engage by establishing partnerships with the faith, educational, social, health care, business, art and cultural communities to provide pragmatic approaches to learning and engage critical issues.

We will Innovate by developing new programs, modes of delivery and ways to engage adult, transfer and commuter students with pioneering programs that integrate faith and learning and broaden possibilities for our students.
We will Serve with a compassion that honors Jesus Christ. Service- learning is not an option in Christ- centered higher education—it is a characteristic.

We will Transform our thinking by renewing our minds and nurturing our spirits. We have failed if we do not create a transformative environment. We are not here solely to educate in a discipline, but to introduce the power of Jesus Christ which yields love, peace, reconciliation and justice.

Since 1966 the Idea has nurtured our identity, framed our decisions and guided our future. Living out this Idea is our worship to God as we steward the opportunities set before us over the next 75 years.