Kern Family Foundation grant finances accelerated ministry program

A new grant will help young adults pursue a career in ministry.

The Kern Family Foundation awarded FPU a four-year grant worth $551,000 to create Bridge to Ministry, an accelerated pastoral degree program for students 18-22 years old. Participants will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry & Leadership
in three years through the university and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in
two years through Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, saving one year of study. Classes are planned for the fall of 2022.

The grant will provide scholarships and help cover the salaries of the program director, a part-time recruiter and a part-time administrative assistant. “We appreciate this chance to partner with the Kern Family Foundation to expand educational possibilities here in the Central Valley and beyond,” said Joseph Jones, Ph.D., FPU President. “This outreach will enhance the university’s vision to empower churches.”

Based in Waukesha County, WI, the Kern Family Foundation was established in 1998.