Kyle Ferguson Brings Fresh Perspective, Wealth of Experience

Kyle Ferguson

Kyle Ferguson doesn’t always measure a win by the numbers on a scoreboard. Instead, the new director of athletics measures a win by his four pillars for a successful college program: spiritual growth, academics, programs and community.

To Ferguson, the higher purpose to those “wins” is the opportunity to share Christ. “Our top priority is ministry,” he says. “If we win multiple national titles, but students aren’t growing spiritually, I believe we failed at our jobs.”

Ferguson comes to FPU from seven years at Lewis-Clark State in Idaho as assistant professor of communication arts and chair of the Humanities Division. He also left his mark on San Diego Christian College, where, for roughly eight years, his career focused on athletics and athletics communication. His resume is loaded with knowledge and experience in administration, admission and as a faculty member.

But he’s no stranger to Fresno—his wife, Lori, is from Fresno, so being closer to family made perfect sense. “There’s so much potential and good we can do here, and I’m excited to be a part of that,” he says. “As I prayed about it more, I really left it open, saying ‘God I’m fine if you close the door, but at the same time, if you want me there, we’ll go.’”

For Ferguson, the love of game came young. He played sports as far back as he can remember,
but baseball captivated his heart. Although his college career was ended by injury after a year, his administrative career evolved naturally, as he took on leadership roles. And FPU’s mission fit hand-in-glove.

I’m here to find ways to provide for my staff, and to serve our student athletes...
Kyle Ferguson

“I am passionate about community,” Ferguson says. “We live in a world that is incredibly divided, and that division can be attributed to a lack of community. We are created to be in community with God, and with others, so I’m super excited about this opportunity to be at a place where that is not only expected, but encouraged.”

Ferguson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from York University and a Master of Arts in Communication from Spring Arbor University. He is studying for an Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration at Idaho State University. One of his dreams is to step into the classroom at FPU. “I love to teach,” he said. “There’s something about being in the classroom with the opportunity to see the light bulb go on.”

A passion for higher education, athletics and public speaking allows Ferguson to be a voice for staff, coaches and students. “I’m here to find ways to provide for my staff, and to serve our student- athletes, whether it be spiritually, academically, physically or emotionally,” he says. “We’re all in this together, and it’s all about our students.”

Since starting work in July, Ferguson has worked to understand the FPU landscape so he can lay out a clear vision for success, both on and off the field. “We have a really good team in athletics, from administration down to coaches,” he said. “God has sovereignly placed everyone here for this time, and we’re on the cusp of something great.”