Julie Lane publishes article in the Journal of the International Association of Special Education

Julie M. Lane, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, Division Chair for Educational Leadership

Julie Lane, Ed.D., associate professor and division chair for educational leadership, published an article in the 2020 Journal of the International Association of Special Education called “A Sampling of International Schools’ Special Education Practices and Experiences.” The article was supported by a 2018 FPU Provost’s Grant.

According to the abstract: “There is a dearth of literature about special education practices in international schools. However, literature reflecting case study data on a school or regional practice does exist. Two quantitative global studies on special education practices also exist (Gaskell, 2017; International School Collaborate [ISC], 2017). The current study compared its findings with Gaskell (2017) and ISC (2017). Forty participants representing 33 host countries and 10 different affiliated countries participated. The study found similar findings as the Gaskell (2017) and ISC (2017) studies. However, statistical data could not be correlated due to inconsistency in disability language. A unique aspect of this study includes the personal experiences of international school educators as they work with children with disabilities. This study found recurring themes of belonging, support systems, and admission limitations in international schools. Personal experiences show how children with disabilities change educators’ perspectives and/or how perseverance and open mindedness create successful pathways for children with disabilities in international schools.”



Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations