FPU celebrates growth in revenues, facilities and off-campus programs

A new budget, improved off-campus facilities and other issues of growth were on the agenda for the Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees March 7-8.

The budget for 2003-2004 was set at $27.4 million, up from $25.3 million in 2002-2003. The board also looked at ways to aid the university's off-campus centers.

"We're happy in these times to be able to grow and reach out to more students in more places," said President D. Merrill Ewert. "We have the classes, the programs and the facilities to serve the Valley."

Net revenues increased around $500,000 in each of the university's three schools, with the college at $10.2 million, the school of professional studies at $6.9 million and the graduate school at $5.5 million. Major spending increases come in personnel, technology, facilities and marketing. Faculty and staff earned pay raises in each of the last two years, the information services area will receive $100,000 over the regular increase and maintenance and utility costs were included for new buildings. Steinert Center is set to open in August, offering students dining and recreation space. AIMS Hall of Science and Mathematics, completed in the fall of 2002, brought science and math studies a new level.

In order to increase FPU's presence beyond the campus, university leaders will look for buildings to lease in Visalia and Bakersfield that will bring together graduate and degree-completion programs now scattered among several rented spaces in those communities. This centralization will allow for larger, permanent facilities to make present programs more effective and encourage growth.

The long-term contributions of three faculty were honored as Edmund Janzen, Ted Nickel and Richard Thiessen were granted emeritus status. Janzen came to the university in 1968 and served as president from 1975-85, during which time he wrote "Broadening the Base," a plan to expand FPU programs and outreach. He is now a member of biblical and religious studies faculty. Nickel is a member of the psychology faculty. He began work at the university in 1986 and served as graduate dean 1988-89. Thiessen teaches in the mathematics/science/educational technology division and succeeded Arthur Wiebe as president of Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science (AIMS) Educational Foundation. Thiessen joined the faculty in 1987.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations