Peter Kopriva, Ed.D. presents at 29th Annual Conference on Character and Civic Education

Peter Kopriva, Ed.D.
Professor of Special Education & Early Childhood Development

• In "Children Such As These: Daily Challenges of the Physical and Health Impaired Child," the Koprivas talked about their work with four children with special needs at Storey during the 2011-2012 school year. Their instructional materials included, for the first time, video self-modeling in predetermined social skill areas. Among other materials used were text and pictures, prescribed practice sessions of learned skills for the classroom and school, digital lessons taught from a laptop computer. An FPU Provost Research Grant helped finance the project.

• "Young Children Living with Social Skills Deficits: Strategies for Identification, Instruction and Improvement" examined a study of nine public school preschool and kindergarten-age children selected for instruction to help increase social awareness and skills needed to help navigate expectations at school and home. Kopriva used digital photography and video to capture school activities and instruction. The project was submitted as a request for sabbatical leave for the spring 2009 semester.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations