James Van Slyke to present at two summer conferences in 2023

James Van Slyke, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology and director of the psychology program, will be participating in two conferences in May and June, 2023. His paper, “The role of emotion and empathy in the appraisal processes of moral exemplars,” will be part of the scholars round table discussion “Exemplars, Imitation, and Spiritual Formation: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry” May 5-7 at Santa Clara University. Next, Van Slyke’s paper proposal “Religion and theology in light of social justice explanations in cognitive and evolutionary psychology,” dealing with the reduction of religion and theology to cognitive and evolutionary explanations, was one of 15 selected for “Laws, Regularities, and Natural Kinds,” part of the larger “Building Foundations in Science-Engaged Theology: Insights from Philosophy of Science.” “Building Foundations” is a SET Foundations grant project funded by the John Templeton Foundation. That conference will be in San Diego June 10-16. More at https://setfoundations.com/summer-session-2023/


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations