Breck Harris publishes and presents on teaching strategies, critical thinking and listening

Breck A. Harris, Ed.D., professor of business, has published and given professional presentations this spring:

  • A presentation titled, “Four Teaching Strategies for Creating Student Engagement & Learning” at the 2019 Pedagogicon Conference in Lexington, Kentucky on May 17. 
  • A peer-reviewed essay in the 2019 book It Works For Me with Critical Thinking by Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe & Russell Carpenter, published by New Forums Press Inc. The essay is titled “Classroom Mobiling: A Critical Thinking Exercise for the Millennial Student.”
  • A professional workshop titled “The Power of Listening” at the Principal Financial Group Networking Dinner at the Vine Grille & Spirits Restaurant in Fresno on April 25.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations