Lane and Keith publish article to educate disability service providers on Native American culture

Julie Lane, Ed.D., associate professor and division chair for educational leadership, and Lisa Keith, Psy.D., associate professor of special education and director, mild/moderate credential and M.A. in special education programs, published the article “A Pilot Study: Addressing Native American Cultural Competency” in the International Journal of Education and Culture, No. 18, Vol. 7. According to the abstract: “A pilot study was conducted to teach helping professionals learn about Native American culture and pathways to engage Native American peoples in utilizing special education and disability services. Twenty-nine helping professionals attended a one-day Native American Cultural Competency Conference. Utilizing a qualitative panel study design, a pre- and post-survey was distributed to conference participants to understand (1) participants’ self-perceived barriers in serving Native American children with disabilities, (2) how to better serve the Native American community, and (3) changes in previously perceived barriers.”




Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations