Kevin Reimer, James Van Slyke contribute to book

Kevin Reimer, Ph.D., professor of education, and James Van Slyke, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology co-edited, with Gregory R. Peterson and Michael Spezio, the book Habits in Mind: Integrating Theology, Philosophy, and the Cognitive Science of Virtue, Emotion, and Character Formation, published in 2017 by Brill. In the same volume, Kevin Reimer and Lynn Reimer, Ph.D., wrote the chapter “STAMINA: Persistence and Character in Youth Mentor Partnerships.” More here

Other recent activities by Kevin Reimer include:

  • Publishing the second edition of the textbook The Reciprocating Self. The publisher is InterVarsity.

  • Co-writing with Lynn Reimer the article “Maturity is coherent: Structural and content-specific coherence in adolescent moral identity” in The Journal of Positive Psychology.

  • Writing an entry titled “Moral Identity” in the Encyclopedia of Adolescence, edited by Roger J.R. Levesque and published by Springer.





Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations