President Jones calls Christian higher education to more Christlike in CCCU article

Joseph Jones, Ph.D., president of FPU, wrote an essay “Christian Higher Education: Our Future, Our Message” for the article “Looking Forward” in the Fall 2020 issue of Advance, the publication of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. In “Looking Forward” several presidents of CCCU schools are asked to examine Christian higher education in light of COVID-19 and the current racial unrest. In his conclusion, Jones writes: “Are we willing to examine our institutions in the same way that we examine ourselves individually as followers of Christ? Will we be graduating those who are strong in the Samaritan’s spirit, bold with the disciples’ resolve, and humbled by Jesus’ example? We may assume we are already doing this. But are we? Do those who need to see the light of our work seek us because of our engagement with these tough issues and ongoing crises? Or will we continue in our privilege of complacency that has sustained us in the past?

“Our new normal should be the old normal of Jesus Christ—humility that serves amid crisis.” See the entire article at


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations