Duerksen contributes chapter to book Christianity in India

Darren Duerksen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Program Director, Intercultural and Religious Studies

Darren Duerksen, Ph.D., associate professor and program director of intercultural and religious studies, contributed the chapter “What God has Joined Together Let No One Separate: Local Church and Development Agencies in God’s Mission” to the book Christianity in India to be published October 15, 2018, by Fortress Press. This book, by Rebecca Samuel Shah and Joel Carpenter, is one result of a 2015 trip Duerksen took with other North American and Indian scholars as a part of the Nagel Institute for World Christianity. The experience provided some of the research for the chapter as well as curriculum for some of his classes and ideas and contacts for India study abroad trips. Duerksen writes he is “pleased with the book and its contributions to ongoing discussions on Indian Christianity.” More at fortresspress.com/product/christianity-india-conversion-community-development-and-religious-freedom


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations