Michael Kunz, Ph.D., professor of biological & environmental science, is the author the book Muir's Temples: A Natural History of Sequoia Grove Plants. The book discusses sequoias, human interactions, plant diversity, and ends with personal reflection on stewardship of the groves.

From the description: “John Muir called the sequoia groves ‘God’s first temples.’ These unique places are home to the largest trees on earth; they are also home to a diverse community of beautiful and fascinating plants. Muir’s Temples guides us through the natural history of these plants, including stories of their ecology, evolution, ethnobotany and conservation. Muir was the first great scientific, moral and aesthetic interpreter of the sequoias. His insights and quotes accompany us on our saunter among the plants of these remarkable groves.”

The book is published by Sequoia Parks Conservancy and is available in their online store.



Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations