Nathan Carson publishes work on Percy, Confucius, Kierkegaard, Murdoch, Dostoevsky

Nathan Carson, Ph.D., associate professor and program director of philosophy, has published a book chapter and two peer-reviewed journal articles. The book chapter, “On Jadedness: Walker Percy’s Philosophical Contributions,” appears in the new Palgrave-MacMillan/Springer volume, Walker Percy, Philosopher (edited by Leslie Marsh). Carson said he is “really excited about this chapter, as it my first attempt at a new theory of what it is to be jaded, something I have been working on for quite some time in the area of philosophical moral psychology and ethics. All of us are prone to becoming jaded, and this was my first step toward understanding how that happens, and how it can be remedied.” See the chapter at

Carson’s articles are “Confucius and Kierkegaard: A Compatibilist Account of Social Ontology, Acquired Selfhood, and the Sources of Normativity” and “Value Realism and Moral Psychology: A Comparative Analysis of Iris Murdoch and Dostoevsky.” “Confucius and Kierkegaard” is one of the few articles that compares the work of the Chinese and Danish philosophers. It was published in Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (vol. 17 no. 4, October 2018, pp. 1-27), one of the world’s top journals in East-West comparative philosophy. “Value Realism” is set to be published in October in Philosophy and Literature (vol. 42 no. 2). See the article on Confucius and Kierkegaard at 





Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations