Mark Baker, Ph.D., professor of mission and theology at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, has completed a commentary on Galatians in Spanish. The book is part of the series Comentario Biblico Iberoamericano published by Ediciones Kairos of Buenos Aires. All the authors of the commentaries in the series are Latin Americans or have lived in Latin America for a significant time. Baker was a missionary in Honduras for 10 years. Although there are a number of commentaries on Galatians translated from English, very few are written in Spanish for the Latin American context, and this is the only one in print by a non-Catholic author. Rene Padilla, a leading Latin American theologian and director of Ediciones Kairos, invited Baker to write the commentary after reading Baker's work on Galatians in an earlier book, Religious No More: Building Communities of Grace and Freedom.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations