FPU board acts to set tuition, increase outreach

Setting tuition and building relationships were on the agenda when the Fresno Pacific University Board met October 24-25.

Tuition for the 2004-2005 academic year was set at $17,930. Room costs were consolidated into two rates, $1,250 and $1,400, with the higher rate for rooms with kitchens. Board rates range from $600 to $1,650, depending on the number of meals in the plan. Tuition for 2003-2004 is $17,370.

Relationships with donors and the world at large was the subject of reports from the Advancement Office. As part of the current branding effort, Stamats Communications, Inc., has been hired to provide information the university can use to better communicate its strengths and identity. Stamats is a nationwide company specializing in higher education that has worked with Christian colleges and universities, Research methods include surveys and individual and group interviews among faculty, staff and students as well as surveys of alumni and potential undergraduate and graduate students. The effort is overseen by a group of faculty and staff led by Diana Bates Mock, director of media and community relations.

A group of volunteers is being organized to personally thank donors for their gifts. Linda Calandra, director of annual giving and donor relations, leads the project. Eight board members agreed to participate.

In other business, the board:

  • Approved a slate of nominations for the Pacific District Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Churches to consider for three-year terms to represent the conference on the board. The nominees—Dale Boese, Dick Falls, Kathy Gray, John Thiessen and Sally Uhl—are all current board members.
  • Approved the reappointment of Deb Elrich, Pat Evans and Ken Fransen to the board. They will serve for two years.
  • Approved sabbaticals for Peng Wen, economics faculty, and Billie Jean Wiebe, communication and English faculty. A sabbatical for Diana Taylor-Gillham, special education faculty, is pending.
  • Accepted the university audit by Bowman and Company, Stockton.
  • Instructed its finance committee to draw up guidelines and advise university staff in the investment of short-term funds.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations