Fay Nielsen, Ph.D.; Shirley Warkentin, M.A.; Melinda Gunning, M.A.; Melissa Kent, M.A

Fay Nielsen, Ph.D., associate dean of retention; Shirley Warkentin, M.A., policy analyst and director of operations for degree completion; and Melissa Kent, M.A., student success coordinator; attended the National Symposium on Student Retention October 29-31 in New Orleans. Warkentin won the Director's Award for her paper "Approaches to Serving Under-Resourced, Undergraduate Adult Student Populations." Nielsen participated as a poster session judge. The symposium was sponsored bythe Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE).

Nielsen and Melinda Gunning, M.A., director of academic support services, led a round table discussion on small college/university issues at the National College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) meeting November 7-10 in Houston.


Wayne Steffen
Associate Director of Publications and Media Relations